So you want to know about my world trip?

So while I was University I decided that I definitely just wanted to travel when I graduated (and save the degree for later!)

After two years of saving I got to quit my crappy job and leave on a two year trip exploring the globe!

The first stop is Rio, Brazil. From here I am travelling for five months in South America, visiting Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Then it is on to Central America for four months, travelling from Panama to Belize…and everything in-between!

Finally at the end of February 2014 I return home for two weeks before heading onto Australia on a year long work visa, with the plan to earn as much money as possible in six months to then either stay in Australia or continue travelling through Asia and then who knows…

But with the help of this blog I can at least keep everyone who is interested, updated on my whereabouts and going’s on and I really appreciate you taking the time to read through my ramblings and leaving any comments.

Hope you enjoy xx



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